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City Soundproofing is committed to ensuring the noise from your neighbors doesn’t disturb your peace and quality of life. We offer both commercial, residential, and industrial customers several excellent soundproofing and acoustic solutions and installation services in Toronto.
For many years, our experts are dedicated to helping clients solve their soundproofing and acoustical needs, taking them in hand throughout the process, right from consultation to installation and testing. Since we began operation, our team of soundproofing experts in Toronto has completed many projects across the GTA, using the best materials to deliver innovative and personalized solutions to our customers’ noise problems.

As one of Toronto’s leading acoustic solutions providers, City Soundproofing delivers exceptional sound control, sound masking, and sound quality systems with amazing architectural features, helping your space maintain its natural tranquility void of reverberations and echoes. 

We employ a comprehensive approach for incredible service delivery: we visit your location to access the degree of sound-control needed, then develop a customized strategy to address such needs. We pride ourselves in our reputable attention to detail in all design and construction stages, ensuring cost-effective and timely delivery of soundproofing solutions to the Toronto community. 

Our team of professionals exhibits strong commitment and work etiquette during every phase of your work. Our solutions, of course, fulfill OSHA noise level requirements.


Why City Soundproofing?

  • A simple and effective approach to soundproofing in Toronto. 
  • We offer Soundproofing solutions suitable for every environment.
  • Strong work etiquette and values.
  • Compliance with industry regulations.
  • Free Quotes
  • Excellent installation, service and delivery. 

Our Mission

“City Soundproofing, Toronto aims to become the leading provider of noise and control solutions in Toronto and beyond, offering a customer-oriented approach plus quality materials to deliver excellent soundproofing services.”

Our Vision

“Our Vision is to become the principal provider of soundproofing solutions in Toronto and beyond, to help the world sound better.”

Our Core Values

Our team of professionals adheres to these core values:

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Innovation and continuous development.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Safety

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Our Reviews

Brandon Joyce
Read More
City Soundproofing team did an amazing job soundproofing my new home studio in Toronto. The panels are top quality and professionally put together. Their guy is very professional and knows exactly to what you need and provide the best result. They came right on time to set it all up and it was a really quick turnaround.
Dave Glen
Read More
The did a floor soundproofing in our house. Very satisfied with the results, and as a professional in the construction industry I have pretty high standards! Would go with City Soundproofing any time!
Howard Ginsberg
Read More
City Soundproofing Toronto is top notch. We had a problem with a loud ventilation system next to our baby's room. Gil and Asaf were great. They did a big soundproofing job which had a major impact on our home and quality of life. They provided professional and courteous service and delivered on their promise.
Stacey Goldsmith
Read More
Their soundproofing guy is a wizard! We had constant noise from our rented basement that kept us sleepless for many nights. After hiring them to soundproof our house, we can finally sleep at night. What a difference!
Roberta Tennen
Read More
We needed to make our home theater soundproofed so there will be less echo when we watch movies, and so the loud volume would not make the whole house vibrate. These guys just know what they are doing! They suggested acoustic panels as the most cost effective solution and did an outstanding job.

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